MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies have given game fans even more of an incentive to attend the upcoming Boston Festival of Indie Games with today’s announcement that three game-centric films will be screened throughout the day’s events. The line-up is said to include Indie Game: The Movie, Get Lamp, and Darkon.

Winning multiple awards at both Sundance and South By Southwest, Indie Game: The Movie documents the struggle and sacrifice of many indie game developers, including the developers of Braid, FEZ, and Super Meat Boy, as they attempt to compete in the modern video game industry. Get Lamp, which focuses on interaction fiction, includes a series of 80 interviews with various publishers and developers of interactive fiction, including Infocom, the most widely known and commercial successful publisher in the genre. Winner of South By Southwest’s Best Documentary Audience Award in 2006, Darkon chronicles the adventures of a live-action role-playing club from Baltimore, Maryland.

“It was important to us to include films in our indie games festival as a way to tell more of the story about indie game development in the U.S.,” said co-producer and film coordinator Dan Silvers. “While film is a different communication medium than games, these films fully illustrate the dynamics, struggle, passion and artistry that go into the development of an independent game. We are proud to have the opportunity to present works by these filmmakers.”

In addition to the films, the festival events include a 12-hour game jam, a digital art exhibit, special guest speakers, and all the video games, tabletop games, and live action games you can play. The completely free event is open to the public and will take place on the MIT campus on Saturday, September 22, 2012. For further information regarding the films, or the festival itself, check out,,, and

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