Let me ask you this: how high is your Rhythmia score? If you’ve been playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for a while, you know what I’m referring to. Now, if you want more songs to play through and increase your score, Square Enix has got you covered. Here’s a list of 12 more songs that are sure to stir your emotions.

July 12, 2012
1.  “Somnus” (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)
2. “Desperate Struggle” (Final Fantasy XIII)
3. “Sarutabaruta” (Final Fantasy XI)
4. “Battle” (Final Fantasy VI)

July 19, 2012

1. “Fight On!” (Final Fantasy VII)
2. “Etro’s Champion” (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
3.  “Battle Theme” (Final Fantasy XI)
4. “Battle 1” (Final Fantasy III)

July 26, 2012
1. “A contest of Aeons” (Final Fantasy X)
2. “The Archylte Steppe” (Final Fantasy XIII)
3. “The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah” (Final Fantasy XI)
4. “Crystal Cave” (Final Fantasy III)

Square Enix will also be releasing even more music tracks for the game periodically. Japan has released a number of batches already, and the order of each release differs slightly from that in the US. Each song will be available to download via the Nintendo eShop for a dollar.

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