While responding to frequently asked questions posed by fans on Twitter, and in the Rockstar Games Social Club forums, Rockstar posted two brand new GTA5 screenshots in the Q&A section of their Newswire today. These are the first official images seen by anyone since the original debut trailer released last November, and as you can see, they do not disappoint. Between the two screenshots it’s apparent that Los Santos appears both immense and quite detailed. While the aerial shot provides the appropriate feeling of a sprawling Californian city, the second scene presents a quieter, lush, suburban atmosphere. While many of the responses in the Newswire were answers to questions regarding other Rockstar titles, they did indicate that development on GTA5 is “going well, but the game is a huge project.” The Newswire also officially reaffirmed everyone’s assumptions that planes would make an appearance as pilotable vehicles. Further information, as well new screenshots and possibly another trailer were also promised to arrive in the near future. But, if you just can’t wait, go ahead and watch the debut trailer again for the millionth time.

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