Coming out July 31, it’s not long until 3DS owners can get their hands on the latest Kingdom Hearts installment. The latest gameplay trailer showcases some of the game’s new features including Dive mode, Reality Shift, and Flick Rush.

Dive mode replaces the Gummi Ship and is the way Sora and pals will travel from one world to the next. Each Dive sequence has you collecting stars, avoiding obstacles, and even fighting monsters that block your path. A Reality Shift can take the form of different min-games and puzzles for you to solve and brings the action to the touch screen. Some Reality Shifts unlock ways forward and give you added ammunition against your foes. Finally, Flick Rush is the game’s local multiplayer that lets you put your team of Dream Eaters against your friends and help them get even stronger.

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] comes out July 31, and a demo for the game is currently available to download via Nintendo’s eShop.

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