You probably already know that God of War: Ascension, the upcoming prequel to happy Kratos’ saga will feature multiplayer for the first time, but you probably didn’t know much about what it entails — which appears to be conquering a brand new titan.

In Ascension, you’re going to literally have to earn the right to be considered worthy among the gods — or the Titan Polyphemus will crush you and your opponents. You’ve probably already seen Polyphemus, he’s the one eyed beast seen in the already released gameplay videos, and he’s quite the foe, and you’ll have to gain enough experience points to be granted the Spear of Olympus –the only weapon that can kill Polyphemus.

You can check out the official God of War blog for more details on Polyphemus, including some sweet production art and a behind the scenes look at how the character was created.

God of War Ascension launches exclusively for the PS3 on March 12 of next year.

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    Can’t wait to play as Kratos again in new God of War game! BTW #PickMe so I can Order Up! ^.^


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