Theatrhythm Final Fantasy brings twenty-five years of video game music together into a rhythm game that is best described as the perfect playable anthology for fans of the series. The game comes with over 70 nostalgic melodies from all the past thirteen main entries in the series and features challenging rhythm stages that will keep players coming back for more.

Square Enix will also be releasing even more music tracks for the game periodically. The first batch of songs is listed below. Each song will be available to download via the Nintendo eShop for a dollar.

  • “Battle Theme 1” (Final Fantasy II)
  • “The Final Battle” (Final Fantasy IV)
  • “Fighters of the Crystal” (Final Fantasy XI)
  • “Fighting Fate” (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • “In Search of Light” (Final Fantasy V)
  • “Cosmo Canyon” (Final Fantasy VII)
  • “Ride On” (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • “A Fleeting Dream” (Final Fantasy X)
For a preview, here’s the Japanese DLC trailer that launched back when these songs were first available in Japan.

With over 25 years of wonderful music packed in the game, Theatrhythm’s DLC might be something fans of the series may not want to pass up – even if it’s just to listen to each song using the game’s music player.

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