Playing Dawnguard on Xbox 360? The expansion pack/DLC comes with new Kinect enabled shouts that you can use to annoy your neighbors..oh and hunt vampires and stuff. Find the full list below:

Drain Vitality: Used to drain mortal and magic energy from others. Can be found inside Dimhollow Crypt, In the forgotten Vale (during the twin dragon fight), and in Arcwind Point.

– Summon Durnehviir: Granted to you by Durnehviir in the Beyond Death quest.  Durnehviir  shows you how to use the shout during the quest.

– Soul Tear:  Cuts through flesh and allows you to extract one’s soul and use it to do your bidding. This one is a bit harder to find, you’ve got to Call Durnehviir three times in Tamriel using Summon Durnehviir,each time you do so — he’ll teach you one of the words for the shout.

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