Playing a record-breaking consecutive eight shows, each a brief stop on a rapid-fire bus tour? Just another day in the life of psychadelic rockers the Flaming Lips – exactly one day, in fact.

Over the course of 24 hours, the band performed a show in eight different cities between Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, leaving the previous record of seven – held by rapper Jay-Z – in their wake.

Fans could watch a live stream of the tour, which was featured as part of the online-exclusive O Music Awards. Photographer Josh Welch, accompanying the band on the road, tweeted updates and Instagram photos along the way.

The Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne updated his own twitter at the end of the journey, posing victoriously with the Guinness certificate. He called the band’s achievement, and subsequent recognition, an “absurd joy”.

“When I was 16, this was the dream – the great inclusive adventure of touring,”  he told reporters at a tour press conference. “Honestly, I don’t think a lot of artists now would look very good doing this.”



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