Proving that their the network placed proudly behind the curve, CBS has announced plans to turn the mobile drawing game Draw Something — otherwise known as the game that your mom constantly reminds you that you haven’t played in a while into a TV show. CBS reportedly won the rights to develop the pilot following a bidding war with a number of other studios.

Ryan Seacrest, Michael Davies, and RSP CEO Adam Sher will team up as Executive Producers of the show, which will test the drawing skills of both celebrities and average contestants to win money. Sounds a lot like Pictionary huh? Seacret’s website says that viewers will be able to join in on the game to win prizes of their own.

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  1. Corey Atwood

    How could this show NOT fail? It’s Win, Lose, or Draw with touch screens. The interest in the game has been waning for months. Way to keep up with the times, CBS.


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