Susan Baxter

I used to be one of those girls who dressed super trendy. In other words, I dressed for my girlfriends. You know: the outfits with the puffy skirts and sparkly flats and overpriced handbags. This was great for comparing outfits and designers and for initiating other girly chit chat. What it wasn’t good for, though, was attracting guys when I was out looking to meet them with the aforementioned girlfriends.

I am sometimes approached by female clients asking what they’re not doing right when they go out to meet guys at bars and at social events. After one look at their presentation, or what would be their normal “going out outfit,” it was easy to tell. They were dressing like the old me! They might have the best personalities in the world, but guys are very visual.

So ladies, save your money on the handbags and designer duds, because guys don’t know the difference! They want to see what you’re working with. This doesn’t mean you have to wear the skimpiest, tightest dress around, but you do have to learn how to show off your assets and complement your body type. Ditch the flats and wear some sort of heel that will make your legs look amazing. I used to never wear heels. It takes practice (and sometimes bringing backup shoes in case your feet get sore), but you will feel sexier and more confident. I explained this to one of my best friends, and we tried an experiment together. We compared the attention she got from wearing the outfits with the puffy skirts and flats to the attention she got from wearing mini, high-waisted skirts and heels and revealing a little cleavage to show off her figure. The results were amazing! Guys were flocking to her when she ditched the “trendy” outfit.

Don’t be afraid to wear pops of color or some sort of conversation starter–maybe a fun ring or cool necklace. Give a guy a reason to come up to you. Also, look around and observe your competition. Yes, I said competition. See who’s getting more attention and what they’re wearing. After many observations and after listening to guys and what they want to see, I’ve learned that sometimes even the most conservative girls have to learn to show off what they’ve got. We are trying to attract men, after all!

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  1. Neely Steinberg

    Excellent advice, Susan! Spot-on with everything you’ve said.


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