Zeal Game Studios and Paradox Interactive have released screenshots and a trailer for their newly announced title, A Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story.  Not to be confused with HBO’s popular, sexy fantasy series, A Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story puts players in control of a population of once powerful dwarves whose strength and numbers have been decimated by evil forces.  In this strategic “dwarf-management title” players will need to protect and nurture their “dwarflings” back to the mighty, bearded, height-impaired warriors that they once were.  For a more detailed (and heavily accented) description of a Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story, check out following trailer which tells of the Dwarves’ plight through a charming puppet show with only a hint of family dysfunction.

A Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story will require players to balance digging, building, researching, and resource management while at the same time, fighting off underground monsters that threaten the very lives of the adorable, drunken little minors.  The game is also said to include randomly generated maps for each level, a huge variety of useful buildable objects, and the ability to control a large amount of dwarves at once with the unique order system.

Players can expect to start amassing their dwarf populations sometime in the third quarter of 2012.

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