LOS ANGELES — After showings from Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft yesterday’s, it’s Nintendo’s turn to show us what they’ve got. On Sunday we learned more about the Wii U’s online capabilities, as well as the redesigned controller thanks to the special web conference. We’re expecting to learn more about the Wii U,s software lineup. Make sure to follow along when things kick off at 9AM PST, 12PM ET and 11 AM CT.

10:09: that’s it..we’re headed to the show floor to check out some games. Stick with us for impressions and interviews.

10:08: Wii U will launch this holiday. No specific details.

10:07: were not getting a gameplay trailer for Nintendoland.

10:04: demo of lugi’s haunted mansion and how it works on both the wii u pad and the big tv.the players on the big tv can’t see the big ghost chasing them, but there wii motes will rumble when they’re near the ghost.

10:03: asymmetric gameplay talked about again with the integration of the wii u pad and wiimotes.

10:02: Nintendoland will integrate with Miiverse.

9:58: Your mii will visit the theme park and interact with twelve different attractions based on Nintendo franchises. The legend of Zelda, battle quest, luigi’s ghost mansion and donkey kong.

9:57: Reggie is now talking about Nintendoland. He compares it to tennis on wii sports, which allowed the game to show what the wii u means.

9:55: the wii u allows you to turn yourself into a zombie. Assassins creed III, Rabbids, Rayman, and our first view of avengers is are shown.

9:53: getting a look at ZombiU. The game is a firt person shooter that uses the LCD screen as a map and other tools. You shake the wii u pad to get free and use it to input door codes.

9:52: Just Dance 4 demo on stage. Reggie is apparently the Puppetmaster. He’s controlling what moves the dancers do on the game with wii u.

951: ZombiU and Rayman talked about. I hope every game isn’t named ____ U.

9:50: Ubisoft time. It’s Yves guillemot.

9:49: Lego city: undercover announced for the 3DS.

9:46: Reggie is back and talking about Lego city. We’re getting our first look at gameplay. It’s an open world crime solving game. Soooo..almost Lego grand theft auto?

9:45: we’re getting a peek at the third party lineup to be detailed tomorrow. New castleania, epic Mickey, scribblenauts. Kingdom hearts are showcased.

9:42: Luigi’s mansion: dark moon announced. Looks a lot better from last year. The game comes out this holiday season.

9:41: Paper Mario: sticker star is announced. The game allows players to collect stickers to use in game. The game will be available for download and in physical form this holiday.

9:40: Super Mario Bros 2 is apparently all about gold and gold coins. The Mae will come out on August 19.

9:39: tomorrow at 6:00 PM there will be an entire new webshow to talk about new 3DS titles.

9:38: shifting gears now to the 3DS.

9:37: Reggie is talking about Sing, a performance are where “everyone plays.” the game is geared towards getting everyone together to play together.

9:34: video shows interaction between the wii u pad and the wii fit for both navigation and activities.

9:33: we’re talking wii fit and wii fit plus now. Reggie announces Wii fit U.

9:32: we get a video of new wii u titles including MASS EFFECT 3, darksiders 2 and trekked tag tournament.

9:29: you can now create your own words. The video shows a player combining a car and a dog. Also features multiplayer.

9:28: scribblenauts unlimited is announced for the Wii U. It’s the first time the game will be on a home console

9:25: we’re now getting a walk through of the new features in the wii u version. New B.A.T. mode allows batman to be more powerful. The wii u pad also allows players to use gadgets, like explosive gel and Batarangs with better accuracy.

9:24: it’s officially called Arkham City: armored edition.

9:23: Arkham City confirmed for Wii U. Harley Quinn introduces the Game.

9:21: first gameplay trailer for New Super Mario Wii U. looks very detailed and clear. Game features a new boost mode, which allows people to we the touch pad to place blocks along paths.

9:20: Reggie is talking about New Super Mario Bros U. The game Allows players to share notes and tips throughout the game.

9:19: Miiverse will eventually rollout to use on 3DS and smart phones

9:17: Miiverse is the Wii U’s social networking system. Reggie says to think of I as Main street for your new console. The video is showing the mii’s congregating and talking via text messages or drawings like swap note.

9:16: we then cut to a video of the finer points of the Wii U controller. All the features you know, camera, mic, rumble..just with a cool Hollywood style narrator.

9:15: Reggie talks about the Nintendo Direct from Sunday, talking about some of the new features of the Wii U. Announces that the Wii U will support two separate game pads.

9:12: Reggie confirms YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and amazon video for the Wii.

9:11: Reggie promises to show 23 new Wii U titles, with more on the show floor.

9:10: Reggie takes the stage. Thanks Miyamoto and welcomes the crowd.

9:08 AM: game features multiplayer, playing as four separate Pikmin leaders.

9:07: Basic control scheme for Pikmin 3 is wiimote and nunchuck. The wii us control scheme allows you to see the entire map, along with having more options to control your Pikmin.

9:06: Pikmin confirmed for Wii U. Great visuals! Video shows pikmin gathering materials to build structures. We’re also introduced to the Rock Pikmin.

9:05 AM: Miyamoto: the independent screen revolutionizes how we play games.

9:04 AM: they built the Wii U to be independent of the TV.

9:03AM: Miyamoto teases the crowd and we get pikmin on the screen messing with audience members.

9:00 AM: And we’re under way! Weve got a live action short with miyamoto..and some pikmin.

8:55 AM: Five minute mark. Get ready!

8:51 AM: less than ten minutes to go!

8:41 AM: Joe here. I’d love to see our first look at the new smash bros game, but I doubt we will. Although, maybe they will to counter act PlayStation Allstars.

8:40 AM: 20 minutes from the show. Anyone have any predictions?

8:32 AM: Still waiting for more people to get in. Theatre is getting packed!

8:28 AM: Let it be known that the seats in L.A. live are not made for tall people.

8:08 AM: it’s not even 8:30 in the morning and some of these people reek of booze. Must be E3!

8:05 AM: Nintendo trivia time. At least the wait isn’t that bad. We’re all seated and ready to go. Hopefully we’ll learn concrete details about the Wii U’s gaming lineup. Maybe a price and launch date too, though that’s unlikely.

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