Here’s Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, in a snappy remix of clips from Obama speeches.

The video both opens and closes with President Obama giving the shout out, “I love you back!” You might even feel a flashback to 2008/2009.

I counted several dozen covers, remixes, and parodies of “Call Me Maybe”, then I stopped counting at Page 3 of the YouTube search which returns “about 26,800 results.” It all feels good and sort of grows on you.

The remix of Obama is going viral. Have a look. It was published Monday. By Tuesday morning, it had 300,000 views. This afternoon, it’s up to 711,027 views. Let’s push it over a million.

Comment if you have a fave viral video. We’re thinking of getting this going as a weekly “Video of the Week” feature.

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