LOS ANGELES — EA is set to unveil its 2012 lineup. Follow along live!

2:04: that’s it ! See you at Sony!

2:02 PM : Underwater gameplay. Awesome!

2:00 PM: live gameplay demo. Backgrounds and environments look stunning!

1:59: Crysis 3 is next.

1:55 PM: Most Wanted launches this October.

1:54 PM: creative director Craig Sullivan on stage for a live demo. Game looks very polished and very slick.

1:51: Need For Speed: Most Wanted is the next criterion title. It’s an open world gaming driver and features a new version of the Autolog feature.

1:50 PM: we’re now getting our first look at the new Need For Speed.

1:49 PM: UFC and EA! Multi year, multi product contract that brings the two companies together. Dana White: “finally!”

1:48 PM: first gameplay trailer for FIFA 13.

1:47 PM: new player impact engine improvements that help deliver freedom of movement.

1:46 PM: Messi will be on the cover of FIFA 13.

1:43 PM: EA sports football club is expanding to allow the FIFA games. All returning players will carry their football club levels over. Returning players will also get new items. FIFA 13 on iOS and android will connect to football club. New iPhone ap announced.

1:42 PM: Talking about FIFA now. We already saw the Kinect integration at Microsoft this morning.

1:41 PM: now we’re talking EA Sports again. Madden NFL social allows players to play online and on phones.

1:39 PM: game comes out on October 23

1:36 PM: warfighter looks great. Predictable, but great.

1:33 PM: Every single mission in warfighter is built on real world conflict. Interesting idea.

1:32 PM: Medal of Honor Warfighter hits the stage. Greg Goodrich to present.

1:31 PM: this July, the old republic goes free to play up until level 15.

1:30 PM: talking The Old Republic and the community behind it.

1:28 PM: Star Wars music cues, I get giddy like a girl.

1:26 PM: Premium costs $49.99 and is available for the ps3 right now. Xbox and PC users will get it next week.

1:25 PM: Battlefield 3 premium delivers new expansion packs, new content and new perks. Bid ally, it’s Elite for Battlefield.

1:24 PM: Patrick Bach and Peter Moore are here to talk about Battlefield 3. 1.6 trillion billion bullets have been fired since launch.

1:23 PM : Ricitello starts talking about the West and Zampella, but no gaming info.

1:20 PM: new blast box engine and multiplayer confirmed.

1:20 PM: gameplay reveal for Sim City proper. Looks fantastic.

1:19: this actually looks like a Facebook game I may play. Whoa, never thought id say that.

1:18 PM: Lucy Bradshaw is out to talk about Sim City. First, Sim City social is coming to Facebook.

1:16 PM: the game features a new story mode and also features a new twitter feed. You can manage your team via the Internet, tablet or smart phone.

1:15 PM: you can be a legend, a coach, created player or current player. The connected career mode works like an RPG. Your ultimate goal is to make it to the hall of fame.

1:14 PM: Michael Irving is here to talk about building a career in pro football.

1:13 PM: New connected careers mode connects one connected universe between superstar,online and franchise mode.

1:12 PM : the game features a new infinity engine that delivers “run time physics” that results in new animations and more organic interactions between players, it considers everything from mass to momentum and speed to determine on field performance. Physical attributes matter now.

1:11 PM: we’re talking Madden now. A trailer with Ray Lewis.

1:10: Dead Space 3 comes in February of next year.

1:03 PM: Dead Space 3 will feature new content, new features and new characters. We’re about to get a live coop demo. Very cool, and looks very different from previous Dead Space games.

1:03 PM: EA showing the evolution of games. We start with Dead Space and the newly announced Dead Space 3.

1:02 PM: John riticello takes the stage.

1:01PM: we start with a package showing recent EA games and services.

1:00 PM: We are go for EA’s press conference!

12:55 PM: 5 minute mark!

12:46 PM: we’re seated in the Orpheus and ready to go! Just a quick heads up folks that the wifi here is pretty terrible..so if we suddenly stop updating…you know why.

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