Mike Fiore, the man behind Boston indie band Faces on Film, still doesn’t know what draws him to music today.

“I never really questioned it,” Fiore says today. “When I look back on memories, relationships, or building an identity,  music is always somehow involved.”

Drawn to music from a very young age, the singer-songwriter started taking classes at the age of 11 and quickly found his passion. “For whatever reason, all the moments I most identify with from my childhood are musical,” he says.

The stage name Faces on Film has been with him for some time, too.

“In fifth or sixth grade we had to write the first act of a play, and the kid sitting next me had a play called Faces on Film,” he says. “I never read, the play but the phrase always stuck with me.”

In 2011, Fiore released “Some Weather”, an album recorded at Q Division. The 10-track collection has been praised as a masterful blend of woodsy folk, heartfelt alt-country and ’60s-British-invasion pop.

The catalyst for the album was a series of recurring dreams Fiore experienced.

“They are hard to explain, like most dreams, but I was having them every night,” he recalls. “I was traveling and exploring different places. Each place had a purpose for me being there. It felt like being settlers and find a whole new land.”

Fiore describes his songwriting process as “getting out of his own way” – but once he finished, it took him  only four to five days to record and produce the album.

He’s now preparing the perform those songs on a brief tour of the Northeast, supporting Marissa Nadler, which kicks off June 13  in  Philadelphia.  “I think a great live performance is providing something interesting and taking it out of the traditional sense,” he says.

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