My male clients are always asking me where the women are. So here you go, guys! I’ve come up with a list of places where they’re pretty successful in getting those digits:

1. Wine Tastings

We love wine and it puts us in a welcoming, fun mood!

2. Fashion shows (not the weekly kind)

Love fashion and we love talking about the models. Guys catch on to this quickly though, and they think they’re going to be the only guys there surrounded by women, but there are more and more guys at these continuous shows now. Pick a random fashion show that is annual or a pop-up event. Also, don’t stare with your jaw dropped at the models.

3. Sports bars during a big game

Why? Because women aren’t watching it as closely as the guys. They may even get frustrated in the lack of attention from guys during sports games. Most guys don’t want to talk, they want to watch. This is your chance to swoop in and start talking while you have their attention and the other guys have no clue!

4. “Girlie,” pretty bars

We pay attention to detail. When we are surrounded by velour sofas, stylish walls, beautiful red chandeliers, and fun drinks, we love it, therefore we go back!

5. Outdoor patio bars on nice days

We want to show off our new summer dresses while drinking margaritas out on the patio! What better way to talk to girls than when everyone’s outside in the beautiful weather and in a great mood also!

6. Charity events/fundraisers

There are usually more girls than guys, and this brings up a nice topic of conversation that you ALREADY HAVE IN COMMON.. what you’re doing there! Girls love a great guy with a good heart!

7. Museum after-hours events

Another place where women love the surroundings and cocktails, and it’s super easy to just talk about the piece of artwork that is right in front of you.

8. Coffee shops

I know this one is kind of cheesy, but those people that go to coffee shops with their laptops or things to read are GOING to the coffee shop because it’s a social environment. Go up to someone and say “hey what are you working on/reading/etc.” Believe me, they will be more than happy to answer!

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