This week’s batch of games gives us more Rayman and a few casual games for our handhelds and even reminds us that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about its current console. The Wii U may be around the corner, but we can all appreciate the occasional Virtual Console game, right?

3DS eShop
Rayman (Ubisoft, $4.99)

Sure, you could go and download the Rayman Origins demo that came out last week, or you could just get the original game that started it all. The first Rayman game came out on a bunch of platforms including the Game Boy Color, and all its classic platforming excitement can now be  yours for just five bucks.

Kakuro by Nikoli (Hamster Corporation, $4.99)

Kakuro is a type of logic puzzle that blends the grid aspect of crossword puzzles with the numerical aspects of sudoku. Nikoli now gives it to you in 3DS form with a handful of modes and 50 levels of puzzle-solving goodness.

Order Up!! (SuperVillain Studios, Ignition Entertainment, DEMO)

Order Up!! is a game that mixes the time management aspects of a restaurant titles with cooking game mechanics. The demo is out now and the game is also available to download.

99 Seconds (EnjoyUp Games, $1.99/200 pts)

The follow-up to 99 Bullets, 99 Seconds has you racing against the clock to complete levels that involve guiding your robot pal V-99 through a maze of moving platforms. If he touches any one of them, the game is over, but you can also go back in time and try again or even get more time.

Wii Virtual Console
Metal Slug 3 (D4 Enterprise, 900 pts)

First released in arcades and then on consoles like the Neo-Geo, Metal Slug 3 can now have a new home inside your Wii console. The game brings back all the great memories of yesteryear with levels full of action and hidden items to collect and POWs to rescue.

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