Pinball games usually come to mind when you hear the name Zen Studios, but the developer seems to be branching out into other genres as of late. A few weeks ago, Zen Studios announced a new rhythm game titled KickBeat, and today we get a physics-based strategy game called CastleStorm.

CastleStorm looks like a fusion of Angry Birds and common tower defense games. Waging war on a 2D field, players can choose to side with Team Vikings or Team Knights and attack the other side’s castle using projectiles, explosive, and even sheep-loaded catapults. The materials you use to construct your castle will also affect what you have left during the defense phase of the game.

The game is currently planned to release on “Xbox Live Arcade and other digital platforms” and does not have a release date.

We’ll be getting our hands on CastleStorm at E3, so be on the lookout for our preview next week!

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