During their last community address, Ronimo Games teased a brand new character soon to join the ranks of the Awesomenauts crew. The new characters, (yes, plural,) will be showcased at the team’s studios in the Netherlands during an open invitation to players around the world. So if you’re in the neighborhood, visit the community forum for details.

Next week, the game’s catchy soundtrack, inspired by 80s Saturday morning cartoons will be available for download on bandcamp. Until then, you can always download the game’s catchy theme song free of charge.

Ronimo is also getting ready to dish out a balancing patch that it hopes to get in our hands “in a few short weeks.” Some of the changes include: “Leon’s slow upgrades & tongue, Voltar’s drones & healing, Yuri’s timebubble and Froggy G’s whirlwind shield. Apart from tweaking existing values, we will also be replacing a couple of upgrades.”

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