These past few weeks have been rough on 38 Studios, and while the studio is currently looking for private investors to help keep it stable, it appears that Project Copernicus, their planned MMO that currently has a release date of June 2013, is well underway. Last week, 38 Studios released a trailer for the game showcasing its environments and settings, and tonight screenshots of three of the game’s races were leaked on Facebook.

Upon first glance, Copernicus looks like a stylized version of World of Warcraft, and its environments definitely have a whimsical feel to them. The game takes place in Amalur, the setting for the studio’s first game, and the following screenshots reveal the Almain, Dverga, and Jottun races that inhabit the world.

Governor Chafee told the Providence Journal in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the state is doing all it can to prevent the studio from closing down. 38 Studios has seen many layoffs and missed payroll last week, so it’s quite remarkable how much dedication its creative team is putting into Copernicus despite all the problems it is currently facing.

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