This week’s batch of games give players another classic Game Boy game to add to their collection and also provides a free DLC of sorts to those who were smart enough to download a particular game back in December. Take a look at this week’s titles below.

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Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Nintendo, $3.99)

This Game Boy port of the classic Game & Watch portable system gives players even more classic mini-games to play with. Featuring Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin, and Donkey Kong, the game includes both the original Game & Watch mini-games and updated versions starring Mario and his friends. Why not let Mr. Game & Watch show how much fun old handhelds once were?

Mighty Switch Force! New Edition (WayForward, $5.99)

Mighty Switch Force! was released back in December to favorable reviews, and now those who picked up the game can download five additional levels free of charge. This unique platformer truly makes great use of the 3DS’s graphics and involves making blocks appear or disappear to give you some footing in your pursuit of wanted criminals. This new version also comes with some updates including enhanced 3D effects and a “retry” option.

Snakeoid Deluxe (CINEMAX, $4.99/500 pts)

Snakeoid Deluxe will remind you a lot of past arcade titles including Snake and Arkanoid (hence the name!) The game involves controlling a snake with your stylus to make it bounce balls back up to the top screen to destroy bricks and pick up power-ups. Featuring three different modes – arcade, challenge, and unlimited – the game might also teach you how flexible some snakes can be.

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