Being laid off is something someone is never really prepared for, even if your job’s financial crisis has been making national headlines these past two weeks. While many employees took to Twitter to publicly announce their departure from 38 Studios this afternoon, much of the gaming industry banded together to provide support to those affected. Many also offered job openings, but the important thing is everyone stayed together.

Donna Prior (Sony Online Entertainment) –  We have numerous positions open in the SOE San Diego and SOE Austin studios. #38jobs

J Goldberg  (Origin) – #38Jobs Nearly 700 positions worldwide at #EA, 370 open in the US:

Amanda Cosmos  (Irrational) – Irrational is still hiring for Bioshock Infinite. Even if you don’t see your job on the site still hit us up #38jobs

Tami Baribeau ( The Playforge) – We’re hiring senior artists with vector animation skills at the Playforge, where we make iOS games. #38jobs

Emil Rodriguez (NCsoft)NCSoft is also hiring in all locations:

Dana Cowley (Epic Games) – Sorry to see layoffs at 38 Studios. For what it’s worth, Epic is hiring: #38jobs

Tim Browne (Ubisoft) – Ubisoft Annecy is hiring including a Snr Game Designer to work on Assassin’s Creed multiplayer #38jobs

John Drake (Harmonix) – Upset to hear the 38 Studios situation. Folks looking for #38jobs, we’ve got openings up in Cambridge –

Darrien Casier (BioWare) We’ve got a few open reqs here at Bioware Montreal #38jobs

These are just some of the many supportive tweets that have started pouring this afternoon after reports came in that 38 Studios was no more. If you’re in the gaming industry and want to lend a hand, be sure to tweet your openings with the hashtag #38jobs or comment your support below. Our hearts go out to all those affected by today’s news.

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