Editing PDF files can be tricky and unfortunately most of the well known word processing suites we use an on everyday basis like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or LibreOffice for you Linux gurus, simply do not allow us the ability to make changes to an exiting PDF file and then export that back out. Editing PDF documents can be done, but third party software is needed to make this happen. Aiseesoft Studio feels it has the perfect solution to combat to this problem with their Best PDF to Word Converter for Windows—but does it work? Well, no.

At $19, this product seems like it would be a steal, if only the product would actually work. When I first launched the poorly named “Best PDF to Word Converter,” I was actually excited to try it out and was extremely pleased with the user interface. Everything was well laid out, simple and I thought it was going to hit the nail on the head in terms of PDF to Word conversion.

Seriously, I can’t even tell you how many of these PDF to Word utilities I’ve download, used once, and then ended up uninstalling because the interface was just a disaster and made everything difficult to use. I had high hopes for this program.

Alas, I quickly learned this product, too would result in a rapid uninstallation.

I ran the software through multiple tests from the most difficult PDF documents with lots of formatting to the most basic documents with just a few bullets and plain text. In all my trials, the result was extremely disappointing, and I soon discovered the Best PDF to Word Converter was complete garbage.

In the first test I conducted, I had the program convert a document with multiple styles and a high amount of formatting and the end result left me with a just blank Word document (See Screenshots). I decided next to move on to some less challenging tasks and again the program left me with nothing useable. I then chose to move on to maybe something the program could potentially handle, a simple document of all text and one or two bullets. Again the result was terrible and I was left with gibberish text, overlapping words and a series of strange symbols mashed together into a Microsoft Word document.

In all, don’t waste your time or money on the Best PDF to Word Converter because it simply doesn’t work. It miserably fails to accomplish what it is intended to do. Not only is it not the best PDF to Word converter, but it might just be the worst.

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Mike Preble is a Blast Magazine staff writer.

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