A QA tester at TT Games, the makers of various Lego titles, tweeted a picture of a Wii U tablet controller that looks a whole lot different from what we saw at last year’s E3.

As you can see from the image to the right, the controller now has analog sticks that have replaced the 3DS Circle pads. The Select and Start buttons have been moved from the bottom of the controller to below the face buttons on the right side. There also now seems to be two additional square-shaped buttons below the D-pad and next to the power button. Click on the image for more detail and compare it to last year’s model below.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Mr Koolaid

    Looks like a complete mess and garbage. I’ll stick to my awesome PC and wait for the real next generation consoles. This looks like a joke nintendo. Get your act straight and bring out a gamecube-like system.

  2. Tak

    A small step back design wise from the earlier desing, and I would have liked the sliders more than sticking sticks because of portability, but its still by far the most exciting in gaming; large screen+controllers turning every where you look is virtual reality without paying $1000 for ruining your eyes.


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