Vampires and Kirby. What do these two have in common? Well before you say they both have done their share of sucking in the past, how about also being the stars of this week’s Nintendo Downloads?

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Kirby’s Block Ball (Nintendo, $2.99)

Kirby’s Block Ball is one of those games that let players do something more than simply suck in their enemies with the pink puffball. Think of the game as Nintendo’s version of Breakout, so not only will you be moving a paddle around to bounce brick-breaking balls around, but you’ll also find Kirby-themed power-ups like Maxim Tomatoes and absorb enemy powers.

Rayman Origins (Ubisoft, DEMO)

If you haven’t tried out Ubisoft’s platforming gem, you can now download the game’s demo for free. With over 60 levels, nostalgic Rayman controls, and lush graphics, you just may be sold on adding this game to your collection.

Chronicles of Vampires: The Awakening (Teyon, $4.99/500 pts)

Vampires merely set the tone for this game, so don’t expect any gushy love story. In fact, this hidden object game will have you traveling to 20 different locations in order to stop a sinister plot from happening and destroying the living world.

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