Featuring host-of-the-week and returning alum Will Ferrell and countless other celebrity cameos, The Lonely Island’s 100th (and, perhaps, final?) bite size music video “Digital Short” aired last Saturday.

In the typical laugh-out-loud, what-just-happened fashion that the group has seemingly perfected over the years, two of The Lonely Islands’ founding members – Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone – teamed up with honorary member Justin Bieber to announce their raunchy and offbeat plans to celebrate their centennial effort. Tuxedo-clad and beaming with pride, they announce to the Biebs that they’re going to…well, congratulate themselves, so to speak.

References to past Shorts appeared throughout, including Natalie Portman’s psychotic alter-ego, Justin Timberlake’s mustached”Dick in a Box” character, and Kenan Thompson’s Reba McEntire, among others.

To count the throwback references yourself, or to simply appreciate the song in all of its R-rated glory, watch below:


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