Time is running out, and if you don’t act soon, we may never get to play one of the most interesting and promising ideas we’ve seen in a long time; in just over 24 hours, the Kickstarter drive for Republique, the new iOS game developed by Camoflaj Studios, headed by former Halo Creative Lead Ryan Payton will expire and it’s currently just under $100,000 short of it’s goal.

The game follows the story of Hope, who places a call from a stolen cell phone to the player and asks you to hack into the security system to aid her escape.  The player must then distract guards and use the camera and alarm system to keep Hope hidden from her pursuers.

Republique is undoubtedly an ambitious endeavor, one that studio heads say they need to prove there’s a market for.  “We estimate that République will cost north of $1 million to complete. After months of meetings and due diligence, we believe that we can raise the necessary additional funds to complete République from potential outside investors, but there is some risk that our efforts will be unsuccessful,” the game’s Kickstarter reads. “Before we enter into any financial agreements, we want to prove through Kickstarter that there is a market for a serious AAA mobile game. While we may eventually have to share future profits from the game in order to finance development costs, we have no intention of sacrificing quality, creative control or IP ownership.”

You can donate on the game’s Kickstarter page.



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