This week we’re getting a double dose of Sega Virtual Console goodness, and one of these games had only been available in Japan until now. American Wii users can finally get to experience the classic Genesis game Monster World IV, while handheld owners can relax with some Sudoku or a game about twins with super powers – no, not the Wonder Twins.

3DS eShop
Sudoku by Nikoli (Hamster Corporation, $4.99)

If you constantly spend your morning commutes fidgeting with the newspaper finishing up your Sudoku puzzles, Sudoku by Nikoli may be for your. The game offers 50 different puzzles with two different modes to get your brain working: a structure Stage Clear mode and a Random Mode. At tens cents a puzzle, does it beat lugging a newspaper around?

Paul’s Shooting Adventure 2 (Agetec, ICM Japan, $1.99/200 pts)

While I did say this game isn’t about the Wonder Twins, Paul and his brother have powers that let them turn into enemy weapons. Using their special abilities, the two must stop an alien invasion from wrecking havoc on their world. The game features two player co-op play so you too can play alongside your brother.

Wii Virtual Console
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Sega, 900 pts)

First released on arcades back in 1987, Sega is letting Wii owners experience one of their earliest action RPG titles. Taking on the role of Wonder Boy, players will travel through twelve linear levels, defeating enemies and purchasing weapons and equipment along the way. The game has seen several ports to PC, Genesis, and now Virtual Console. Clearly fans like their Wonder Boy.

Monster World IV (Sega, 900 pts)

It may have taken Monster World IV 18 years since its 1994 Sega Genesis release date to reach US shores, but the game is now available for everyone to enjoy. In this final chapter in the Monster World series, players will accompany Arsha on her adventures to become a master genie and help spirits that call to her from beyond. The game has been so popular, that a fan translation even exists!

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