Star Wars Day – a day when we look back and think of all the Wookies and Ewoks that died to make the galaxy a better place. It is also a day when some of us look at our newly purchased Blu-ray collection and realize we miss our VCRs.

For gamers, you can boot up your copy of Kinect Star Wars and show the world you got moves like Han Solo, or you can head on over to Clone Wars Adventures and take advantage of today’s great deals.

Sony Online Entertainment is offering current players 40 booster points just for logging in today. They can also head on over to the game’s site to get a code for the rare Nelona Dual-Bladed Lightsaber, one of only four dual-bladed lightsabers in the game. SOE is also offering a special Jedi membership rate of $1.99 for the first month for new registrants, giving players access to VIP areas, a special deluxe house, and other in-game content.

So whatever Star Wars-related festivities you decide to do today, just remember – May the Fourth be with you.

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