If you’re a “Supernatural” fan, you’ve already heard: the Winchester boys will be back again, riding into Season 8 this fall. But, if you’re a true Supernatural fan, you know that is not a good thing at all.

The show has gone on too long. Last month it was announced that co-showrunner Sera Gamble will be stepping down, replaced by longtime writer Jeremy Carver. The original creator and showrunner, Eric Kripke, left the show two seasons ago, though he’s claimed a consistent presence in the show’s production.

Now presumably both of these creators left to work on other projects, but let’s cut through the smoke: they left because they are out of ideas. Kripke always claimed the show had a five-season plan, and he left after that fifth season. And now after two sub-par seasons of the show where it seems its soul has pulled a Sam, Gamble is leaving too.

The show very clearly had a five-year plan. Each year, for five seasons, the stakes were upped, the worldview expanded, and the show arguably got better and better (we’ll not delve into thoughts on Season 3). Whether you loved the ending to the show’s main arc or not, it’s clear that it ended with season 5.

And yet the Winchester boys are still going. Still out there fighting the good fight, despite the fact that its internal logic demanded they would have perished by now. They’ve tried to one-up its original story, but how do you one-up Satan? You don’t. (It’s also miscast..another story)

So, yay, “Supernatural” is coming back. If you’re a diehard fan–and if you’re reading this, you are–but grow up, and admit it to yourself: this dance has gone on a little too long.

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  1. Cole

    They still haven’t face the “God”, so they must find the reason of God’s creation exist. They might find the peace and reason why they hunting for long time

  2. RussianWolfTeamFreeWillGirl

    How can you call yourself a True Die-Hard fan? Why do people like you have to crush people who are DIE-HARD fans?! Just because it had a 5 year plan in the start doesn’t mean anything! I’m sure a lot of shows have/had a plan then just decided to go another year or 5 or 10 more! Just because people like you or other people that are like you are Upset ‘Grimm’ or ‘Once Upon a Time’ isnt getting the Attention Supernatural is. Doesnt mean you have the right to crush other people once they find out their favorite show is coming back! If ‘Grimm’ Who is a fucking poor/low cut-rip-off of Supernatural gets another year or if they have Stupid TV show’s on like ‘Family guy’ ‘American Dad’ or anything like that or if ‘Vampire Diaries’ gets another year then Supernatural deserves another year to or more!! People like you or you have no right in telling the public who ARE IN LOVE WITH THE SHOW AND ARE TRUE DIE-HARD FANS that Supernatural shouldve been canceled. If fucking crapped up shit shows get another year then OUR Supernatural gets another one. Or how ever many they want to do. (Granted some people are BORED with the show or dont like it in the first place, Then Guess what thoughs who dont like it never shouldve watched it in the first place. Others who claim there bored of it, Just find something to catch your interest in it or watch it from season one to remember why you fell in love with it.) Others how ever are more then happy and to us that does mean good news no matter what you think or people who are bored of it or dont like it. Bored/Dont like? Either re-watch for the bored or dont watch it at all.

    • Luna

      Oh yes, buddy! I seriously agree with you! Actually, I got quite offended while reason that little passage up there by the guy who claims to be a “die-hard-fan.” He should be the one to grow up! Seriously? Telling people the show should be cancelled just because he doesn’t like it or is bored by it? Oh boo hoo! Suck it up buttercup and listen to good advice. Either don’t watch it or re-watch it!

  3. Kimberly

    Supernatural is doing Great. Yes it has it flaws but ALL shows are flawed and most shows as they get older lose some fans. But Supernatural has a die hard fan base that wants the show back. To those that don’t you ain’t got to watch it.
    Supernatural is a great show, IMO the best, and it deserves this season 8. Fans want it, Cast and Crew want it and I’m Glad it got it.

  4. Alex

    Kimberly is right,all shows have flaws,at some part they fail at giving a good stuff
    Supernatural’s season 4 wasnt that good,but hey look at season 5,i meant,supernatural has escaped from its origins a little bit,but things changes….well,lets see season 8,what will be the next enemy and bla bla bla and one more thing,this season 7 had some excelent episodes that i can claim to be one of the best of the show,like the first one and Death’s Door ^^

  5. Rob

    This show is beast. No way can it go to long I always record and watch this show. Characters are some of the best. Got hooked on the show and cant stop watching it. Best season was obv was when castiel appears but how can you top that one. Kill crowley or that head honcho guy lol whatever his name was that gave Sam and dean the blood.

  6. Neil

    This show is the best thing ever. i hope it will go on for many more years. True fans will never give up and say it time to quit. Fans make this show what is is today and that will never change.
    Supernatural Rocks

    • Eric

      You’re right. Fans write the unoriginal episodes, phone in the acting from actors who mentally checked out, and other things that “make the show what it is.” And you’re also correct–true fans want to ride a show into a grave, so that they have many, many, unwatchable years to remember a great show by.

  7. Get a real job

    I find it funny you still are linking every Supernatural related article to that insulting and scathing article you wrote about Jared yet complain about the crap you got for your terrible writing. Really I would love to see your Oscar if you’re so great. All you do is write crappy biased articles trashing other people. What a wonderful living. By the way, if he were never cast, a 1 year little boy would not exist so you really can’t get away with doing that anymore unless you like questioning the existence of an innocent child.


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