When it comes to iPhone docks, there is little to chose from outside of a large brick shaped set of speakers. In a way, you give up stylish design for powerful sound. Left Field Design is trying to to change all that with the new ODOC, a compact dock that will fit right in with your Apple products, but not break the bank like them.

The ODOC is built in a small cylindrical shape out of die cast aluminum built with glass and stainless steel hardware. To call it sleek would be an understatement, with perfect curves in a compact package, it is a looker. A small foot stand hold the dock in place while the 30-pin connector can be angled in 5 different positions allowing for easy gaming and Facetime. The dock also features a “one hand” removal, meaning no jiggling the with the phone and slowly deteriorating the connection. At three pounds, it is also durable and easy to carry. It can charge the iPhone with or without a case and can be plugged into any sound system for the complete dock experience.

The ODOC is still a project on Kickstarter, but with a donation of $79, early adopters can get their hands on it and give it a test ride.

With successful funding, the ODOC will be available in the ranges of $129-$149 later this year. Looking at the early models, it appears to be a sleek new attachment for any generation of iPhone. While the lack of speakers is to be noted, based on looks alone it is just asking to be let into the Apple elite line of iPhone accessories.

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