Nintendo has reported its first annual loss in the company’s history. Following a lackluster response to its 3DS handheld and a seemingly dry year for its ageing Wii console, the company was met with an operating loss of 37.3 billion yen for the 2011 fiscal year. That’s about $459.54 million.

Lowering the price of the 3DS handheld was, in fact, a smart move on the company’s part as the big N forecasts a much better 2012. 3DS sales are a lot better than they were in the past, stronger titles like Animal Crossing and New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be making their way to the handheld this year, and the upcoming release of the Wii U will help Nintendo make even more money.

How much money, you may wonder? For 2012, Nintendo is predicting an operating profit of 35 billion yen ($431.20 milion.) Not too shabby of a bounce back.

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  1. Kisama

    The 3ds is selling like hotcakes right now, and this holiday season will see a huge boom. New Super Mario Bros 2 is launching in August. The system and the game will be in huge demand for the holidays.


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