The 3DS firmware update Satoru Iwata mentioned during last week’s Nintendo Direct broadcast is now available worldwide.

Today’s update lets you create and name folders for storing your 3DS games, apps, and videos on your Home menu. This is also great for grouping and organizing similar items or for storing the ones you don’t usually use like that redundant Health & Safety Information icon. You can’t customize them too much or change their icon or color, so your menu might get filled with blue folders if you have lots of things to organize (or to hide.)

You could say the theme of today’s update is organization as the eShop interface has also been redesigned a bit and now includes two rows of icons. Additionally, this update will let Nintendo patch games such as the Make Wuhu lap glitch in Mario Kart 7. These patches will come at a later date.

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      Mission accomplished. I’m sure Nintendo’s pleased. 🙂


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