While last night Iwata may have revealed new games and updates coming to Japan this summer, this morning Nintendo of America confirmed that the US isn’t to be forgotten.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is set to launch for 3DS this August as well. As reported earlier, it will be a classic side-scrolling game featuring classic Mario characters. The game was created with pick-up-and-play in mind for players of all levels. It will also mark the return of Raccoon Mario!

American Wii owners will also get to celebrate Kirby’s 20th anniversary with a special disc featuring a collection of classic and fan-favorite Kirby games. More will be revealed later on, but because Japan is getting some new Kirby goodies, this may perhaps involve Club Nintendo too.

Finally, as we confirmed last night, 3DS owners will be getting a firmware update on April 25 letting players organize their files in folders. This update will also allow the ability to “update” select software such as Mario Kart 7. It sounds like Nintendo finally wants to be able to patch its games, and the shortcut-exploiting glitches of Maka Wuhu will be the first to go.

There is no word yet on future content or software already revealed to be released in Japan, but I’m sure once those titles like Pokemon Black and White 2 launch, their respective announcements will follow.

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