Last fall Ryan Patton, the former Creative Director of this year’s Halo 4 shocked the world by unexpectedly stepped away from the project, saying  that “a few years, there came a point where I wasn’t creatively excited about the project anymore.” Patton formed Camoflaj studios quickly after his exit, promising  a first look at the studio’s debut title before long.

Today, we’re getting our first look at that project — Republique, an ambitious looking stealth/survival game for the iPhone and iPad. Payton told IGN that the development team’s goal is to “treat mobile like any other AAA platform.” The game stars Hope, who according to Patton is anything but a Super Heroin;  “She is non-sexualized; she is not a killer.” Hope is vulnerable, the player is going to have to stir her away from danger more than going towards it.

This is no by the books action title though, the key to Republique is that you don’t actually play as Hope, instead, you play as an anonymous character who controls the world’s camera system, and your job is to divert attention away from the game’s star. Hope does her best to stay hidden, and employs some impressive AI to boot.

Though the original demo was funded by personal savings of Patton and the development team, they’re asking for your help, through Kickstarter to raise the $500,000 needed to make the project.

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