Quick! Everyone think of a sequel but they’re not dying for, but wouldn’t mind. Lost Planet 3? I know right! So yeah, Capcom has officially announced the third game in the frozen survival series. It’s okay, you can shrug your shoulders now.

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, as the first trailer for the game is anything but business as usual. The game introduces Jim, a rig pilot who takes a lucrative job on E.D.N. III, the snowy planet of the first game. While take a survey of the land and obtaining core samples from the ground, Jim is ambushed by the Akrid, which begins Lost Planet 3 proper.

Lost Planet 3 is due out in early 2013.

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  1. Tony Astro boy

    i wished i played all the capcom games they look very interesting , i am too poor we bought a house but thery’re saying these houses are abandoned and have to be demolished and we payed for two of them and wasted more than 60,000 of our well hard earned money


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