All good things come to an end. With PAX wrapping up on Easter, the show floor was not as packed and not as much cosplay was on display. Nonetheless, we bring you the best of Sunday!

If you let Ubisoft shave your head into a mohawk, you were given a tank top and a free copy of Far Cry 3

Happy Easter everybody! The bunny is here!

Chrono from Chrono Trigger

Col. Quaritch from Avatar.

I think there was some overlap with Anime Boston

More TF2 goodness.Spy and Fem-engineer.

Link going after Zelda

Mixed bag here

Yup, now I am convinced that Anime Boston had something to do with this

Warhammer 40k soldier


This one stole a small child

Tanooki Mario!

This guy just rocked the Reddit

Nathan Drake

Random picture of the day: Colonel Sanders

Samara from Mass Effect. Like, no joke, that is Rana McAnear, the person they modeled Samara from for the game! (Thanks to Onan for the heads up)

Ghost from Call of Duty MW2 (as portrayed by a girl)

This Creeper seriously scared the crap out of me.


At the end of the day however, I think these guys life.

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