Ah, April Fool’s, it’s that lovely time of the year where we get to see the interwebs bombarded with faux gaming news. MMO developers in particular seem to go balls out on the pranking, and this year Blizzard made five totally fictional “BlizzKidzz” games.

Where in Sanctuary is Deckard Cain? is a search for the venerable Last Horadrim who was last seen burned to a crisp in a Diablo III trailer, probably because Leah hates the burden of guiding millions of players through their hellish ordeals (She didn’t even get a say on it.)

Then there’s Reader Ravager which educates kids on all kinds of fantasy lore. The concept is totally toddler appropriate – it’s never too early to teach kids which fantasy race is pigeonholed into the great builder archetype (answer: Dwarves) – but ravagers would scare the bejeesus out of kids.

Too serious types won’t find a lot of these funny, but you have to appreciate Blizzard’s effort in making those box covers, screenshots and even a playable demo of Zergling Teaches Typing.

Here are some more April Fool’s antics for your mocking pleasure:

  • Tired of playing with your valiant Jedi Knight? Experience the domesticated wonders of life as a ship droid, only in Star Wars the Old Republic. [LINK]
  • Wakfu launches Project N.A.T.O.L. pushes in-game matchmaking to child-breeding levels.  Enuca babies with beards, anyone? [LINK]
  • TERA has had a bit of a flack for creating a pedo-baiting Elin race. Now the girlish nature-lovers are all grown up and ready to join the Pussy Cat Dolls. [LINK]

Which of these tickled your funny bone and which ones downright failed?

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