You’re running late.  You need directions and your boss is calling you. You fumble through your pockets and pull out your phone, waiting for it load
everything you have to do. It’s really a hassle when you think about it. It’s also a hassle that Google is looking to make a thing of the past.

Today, the internet giant announced Project Glass, a revolutionary new eye-wear system that looks to blend your world, with the social and online experiences you already use like chat, maps and social media. Confused? Check out the announcement video:

Looks pretty cool right? Don’t get too excited, Google warns that the system is nowhere near ready for release, and is still in a very early development stage, noting that the video is just conceptual. “A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment,” the official Google Labs page stated. “We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.”

Nick Bilton of the New York Times reported that even the actual hardware is still in development, and there are several versions of Project Glass currently being tested at Google HQ.

Want to help shape the future of Project Glass? Google is looking for feedback here

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