There are those times in life where we are faced with emergencies that need an expert hand and the Internet is not fast enough. We know it is a crisis but it is not serious enough to call 9-1-1. For those moments there is 5Star. The popular product from greatcall is now available in App form for iPhones and Android and it provides a level of safety rarely seen from emergency response apps.

Every emergency is different, and 5Star will personalize the situation to your need. When you get the App you must go through a registration process where you fill in your information. Everything from where you live to potential allergies to the car you drive are taken into account. This can all be seen by the 5Star operator when you call in and they will make sure to cater the help to your needs.

The 24/7 operator is no joke as we tested the App in 3 different cities (Boston, Chicago and Seattle) at different times of the day and there was always someone on the other line within seconds. Furthermore the instant GPS location is a godsend when you need to get directions to the hospital or just need to find the nearest public bathroom. 5Star also offers access to a live nurse which will quickly diagnose anything from a sore throat to a serious ailment.

Developed by: greatcall
Published by: greatcall
Price: $14.99 per month
Platform: iPhone, Android
Buy it if: You are going to a new place, you have significant others you need to keep a close eye on.
Skip it if: You play it safe at every aspect of your life.

When we first received the App, we were not sure if we would even need it during our test time. However, in several instances (such as getting locked out of your car in a shady neighborhood or having a small medical emergency) 5Star proved to be the answer over the police or ambulance. Nonetheless, the operators can dispatch the authorities at any time they feel you are in more danger than previously expected.

5Star by greatcall is a smartly designed app that will have more uses than one expects. Several features, such as the “Shake for Help” method that will dial in 5Star when you shake your phone, stand out in the impressive package to prove that is was not designed in a rush.

Retailing for $14.99 a month, 5Star can provide the security overprotective moms seek or just help out a college student in a jam. While it may not be necessary for every month of your life, it can prove indispensable when you are visiting a new city or just moved to a strange new place.

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