Games like Journey have assured many that video games are in fact an art form, and that their emotive strength is relies heavily on what we see and hear onscreen. A talented artist’s contributions, then, make a big impact on game’s overall success.

But what do artists do after months working on a game? Many seek creative outlets that give them the freedom tight schedules and product deadlines often deny them. Some just do what they enjoy doing  – their art!

“Art Out of the Game” is a show sponsored by the New England Institute of Art that brings together nine local New England artists who have worked on pieces “for a wide range of reasons, from exploring themes of identity to exercising their passion for history to connecting with lost family.”

Their professional work has graced the games of New England video game studios including Turbine, Harmonix, Demiurge, 38 Studios, and Zynga Boston. Now, their personal art is on display for all to enjoy.

“Art Out of the Game” is currently running through April 19 at the Gallery on the Plaza at the New England Institute of Art. There will also be a reception on April 4 from 7pm-9pm. The show and reception are both free of charge. Click here for more information about the show.

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