Gas prices, such as in this gas station in Chicago, have been on a steady increase over the past ten days.

Around the country, people continue suffering at the pump as gas prices rise for the
tenth straight day. The nationwide average for a tank of gas was $3.54 a gallon just
last month; however, today’s prices stand at $3.842. Prices are quickly approaching
July 2008’s all-time high of $4.114.

Prices for oil itself have gone up 5% over the past month due to scares involving
Iran and possible complications in the near future. According to CNN, “Gasoline
averages more than $4 a gallon in seven states: Alaska, California, Connecticut,
Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Washington.” The lowest gas prices come from
Wyoming, but $3.43 a gallon isn’t low either.

Gas prices are up 17% this year and with the skyrocketing stock market, the prices
per gallon will most likely continue to go up.

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