Hi Neely,

I’m a 30-year-old guy living in Boston who is sick of the women in this city. They are cliquey and cold. I moved here from the South a couple years ago for a job, and have found dating women here really difficult. Do you have any suggestions?

Frustrated, Boston

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  • 40 seconds: Boston women may or may not be what you say, but the bottom line is you’re here. So you have to make the best of it!
  • 58 seconds: Put your dating dilemma in perspective. Tune in to see how Boston ranks in the singles department against other cities and just how many eligible women there are for you. You will be surprised.
  • 1:51: What does the Met Life Stadium (where the NY Giants and the NY Jets play) have to do with women in Boston? Tune in to see what I have to say?
  • 3:04: There is one woman in that stadium (all it takes is one!) for you. So get out there and find her.

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  1. Angie

    I’m a southern girl and i have to say that people in general are not as friendly or accepting as they are down here. Ever heard of southern hospitality? It is true. We are just friendly people! But you make a good point Neely- he is there and whether or not it is true the trick is to get to know the how. It may be more difficult, or he may have had some bad experiences, but there are plenty of fish in the sea. The key is to keep and open mind, learn new strategies for dating as it is a different culture!

  2. Kelly

    My honey is a military brat and he noticed everywhere he went a lot of people chimed in with sentiments akin to this: “The best place I’ve ever lived is where I just came from, and the worst place I’ve ever lived is where I’m at now”. That sounds a lot like what is going on here. This guy has made some judgments about women who live in the North and therefore, that’s what his experience is – “there are no good women where I live; I’ll never find anyone who matches up with me”. Do you mean to tell me that among the 650,000 women (or whatever the statistic is) that NONE of them match up with you??! I’m calling bullshit! The only way he is ever going to start changing his experience is by starting to find things he LIKES about the Boston area (and the women who live there) or move the hell out!

  3. Marrie

    I agree that he may be homesick but I also believe that there are fundamental regional differences in attitudes and characteristics. Not unless this southern gent intends to transplant back south, he needs to cease his negative, generalized perceptions of Boston women otherwise he will just prove himself right and win a life of solitude!

  4. C.J. "Siege" Boston Dating Coach

    Both from my own travelling, doing national conventions and also what I hear from my Boston students originally from other states aligns heartily with what “frustrated’ writes about. That advantage I show guys all the time, is that stepping out of the status quo and to be the guy who walks up to woman who catches his attention saying: “I noticed you from over there and wanted to say hi and see what you’re like…” IMMEDIATELY separates a guy from the rest. This also starts a first impression of incredible attractive confidence in comparison to the majority of Boston guys, what a girl is used to around here. Sure some girls are busy running to their next task or what-have-you, but it seems approx 80% are bashfully charmed and eager to chat for a bit to see where things may go.

  5. Jason

    Boston women are sick. They are very cold and unkind. I have been in Boston for 2 years. In my opinion , Boston girls lack confidence and very conservative.

  6. Mia

    I think sometimes Boston women seem stuck up..but I think it may be because we have such high standards. I know my dad and girlfriends dads are very picky about who they like to see us dating and it could take years to warm up to our successful boston fathers. It is probably bad, but our daddies love us so much here it is hard to settle for anything but the best!

  7. Mia

    not that you are bad or anything just personally it takes a lot of getting to know a man before I want to be sweet


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