Those of you hoping to end 2012 in Los Santos with Grand Theft Auto V may be a bit disappointed as a top analyst is suggesting that the game will release in March of next year, rather than later on this year as previously thought.

Financial analysts at Sterne Agee are warning potential investors, who look to make more than a sufficient amount of money on the game’s inevitable retail success that Rockstar will take the extra time to polish the game, and a 2012 release is unlikely.  On an interesting note, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redepmtion and Grand Theft Auto V all launched in the March-May timeframe.

Rockstar has not yet announced a release date for the game.

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  1. Zach

    I have been seeing this around everywhere I dont believe it will be March 2013 because I have asked gamestop and done alot of research and saw some videos on YouTube from GTA5videos there really good and GTA V is set for May-October of 2012 so late summer or early fall not 2013 Of March. Ou and just because Rockstar hasn’t confirmed a release date yet doesn’t mean it’s set for 2013 the game just got announced back in October or November. Release dates usually get confirmed for games about a month or two before they come out. Just saying.


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