A lawsuit has landed on Apple’s desks. A Brooklyn man is suing the Cupertino, California company over Siri, claiming it can’t understand directions, locate nearby stores and often produces incorrect answers.

Frank M. Fazio, claims that Apple is partaking in false advertising, with their ad campaign showing people using Siri to help them learn music, find a place to eat and schedule appointments.

“The iPhone 4S’s Siri feature does not perform as advertised,” the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California reads. “…Siri is, at best, a work in progress.”

Apple holds the same view on Siri, calling it a beta product, yet fails to mention this in many advertisements.

While the personal assistant implemented on the iPhone 4S was received positively by consumers initially, Fazio is not the only one complaining. The biggest gripes with the service come from its need to always be connected to the internet, even for basic things such as voice dialing and texting. Last November, Siri had a day long outage as Apple suffered with its servers.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozmiak claims that Siri is actually performing worse than it did when it first launched, probably due to high demand as the service expands overseas. This expansion has come with a slew of new complaints relating to the phone not being able to understand non-English commands.

Nonetheless, sales for the iPhone continues to rise and implementation of Siri has already been announced for the new iPad.

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