NPD Display Search reports that the new Retina display for Apple’s “iPad 3” may suffer from shortages in the coming months. Manufactured by Sharp, Samsung and LG, the display is built to produce the ridiculous 2048×1536 resolution of the new tablet. However, Sharp’s decision to use IGZO TFT’s, rather than the standard a-Si TFT’s, has caused significant delays.

The IGZO model used by Sharp allows for smaller TFT’s, which in turn allow for more light to come through the back of the display, according to This can keep costs down for the already high priced tablet. Production of the IGZO panels aren’t where Apple and Sharp want them to be, with some saying that Sharp has switched to the a-Si TFT’s used by LG and Samsung. However, this can be a problem for the Apple, seeing how the new iPad is said to have twice as many LED’s as its predecessor, requiring a low cost, high resolution display, in order to keep the battery consumption manageable.

The new iPad will likely see delays of two to three weeks and new orders, according to

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