Just in case you have been trying to inhale your caffeine lately, you should stop.  The FDA issued a letter of warning to the makers of Breathable Food Inc.’s Aeroshot “caffeine inhaler” today, stating that there is a question of safety, particularly relating to children, teens and combining the product with alcohol.

The FDA claims that the company has “false or misleading statements” on their labels.  The labels tell consumers to “swallow” the product, which introduces caffeine into the lungs.  The stimulant is not normally inhaled, therefore the safety in doing so has not been well studied.

Aeroshot combated this claim, pointing to “decades” of research that show the particles in their product are too big to enter the lungs, but fails to cite specific data.

The Agency also complained that the product label does not provide contact information for consumers to report any problems they experience as a result of the product, as federal law requires.  Law also mandates that manufacturers ensure that a product is safe and properly labeled prior to sale.

Breathable Foods has 15 business days to respond to the Agency with a plan to correct the problems cited.

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