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Stonehill College is in the news. A young woman by the name of Lindsay Blankmeyer is suing the school claiming administrators didn’t help her find alternate housing when she complained that her roommate was having too much sex in their dorm room. Blankmeyer claims the roommate would have sex with her boyfriend while Blankmeyer, only a few feet away, was trying to sleep, and, at other times, engage in “sexually inappropriate video chatting” in front of her.

This behavior, according to the lawsuit, drove Blankmeyer to depression and caused attention deficit disorder. She also claims to have developed suicidal depression after school officials wouldn’t give her reasonable housing alternatives.

When I heard this story on the radio this morning I couldn’t help but think back to my own halcyon days as a college student. My two roommates and I lived in a two-room triple the size of a Chevy Suburban. One room was for our computers, futon (obviously), and tie-die wall tapestries; the other was for our beds (one of which was a bunk bed) and dressers. In retrospect, we really were stuffed in there like cattle, but as far as I remember we never complained – after all, we were in college and just happy to be free from our parents’ purview.

When it came to gatherings of a more intimate nature, maybe every now and then there’d be someone awkwardly hooking up on the futon, but I can’t remember one time when any of us would have considered engaging in “inappropriate behavior” in the bedroom area, at least not while others were present. Granted, if it had happened, I’m not sure I’d be driven into a major depression, but I can imagine I’d loathe my roommates for throwing it in my face, especially if it occurred on a regular basis. And the last thing I’d want to listen to is my roommate video chatting about sexual acts with her boyfriend. Barf!

What happened to freaking etiquette, anyway? In the YouPorn generation, has discreetness gone completely out the window? What about common courtesy? Whatever happened to the old “sock-on-the-doorknob” move? I understand; I get it: They’re college students practically frothing at the mouth to get some, but I still think Blankmeyer’s roommate’s actions were distasteful and rude. Then again, I’m a woman.

I can imagine that if ever there was a gender divide, Blankmeyer’s experience illustrates it perfectly. My suspicion is that men are far more forgiving with regard to same-room sex; in fact, I’ll go so far as to say guys would be rooting for this scenario. The more moaning, the more panting, the more bare skin, the more slapping sounds, the better!

Am I right or am I right?

I want to hear from both men and women. Would something like this be a problem for you, or would you actually be thanking your lucky stars to have a sexually liberated roommate who loves having sex in your dorm room and considers your presence part of the act? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Jenny

    I think it is interesting that you are commenting on this story and passing judgement on the roommate for her ‘sexcapades’ when you have absolutely no idea if it is true, what Blankmeyer is claiming.
    Lindsay Blankmeyer has undergone a lot of psychiatric care (take a look at some of the other articles that describe her mental health issues) before she was even living with this particular roommate and as others have pointed out, when she did have issues with her roommate and went to the school about it, she never once mentioned anything about sex… doesnt really make sense that its just coming out now… unless they are just looking for money.

    • Neely Steinberg

      That’s a fair point, Jenny. They are, at this point, allegations. Curious: If this kind of stuff was happening in your dorm room on a consistent basis, would it bother you? I suppose in the coming weeks we will find out if there is any basis to the lawsuit.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Anonymous

    I actually know both of these students. Our freshman year, Lindsay went through 5 roommates…all of which transferred out. That should say enough right there. I’ve always felt bad for her but have feared to be around her because her mental illness led her to do irrational things, such as this hallucination lawsuit. Her senior year roommate was incredibly compassionate towards Lindsay and tried to get her the help that she needed. I’m sure to this day, even though Lindsay has made up this ridiculous story, her ex-roommate would forgive her for this and pray that she gets the help she needs. It’s amazing that Laura lasted that long living with her without transferring out like ALL of Lindsay’s other roommates did. Laura is just another victim of a very sick person. Although Laura could completely turn this around and sue Lindsay, I know she would NEVER do that. Her main focus is most likely getting Lindsay help. I hope that Lindsay gets the help she needs and stops ruining yet another persons life just as she has done to several in her past.

    Stonehill is an incredible college that cares for it’s students. Two options were offered and declined. The “small cubical room” was actually bigger than mine! I WISH I had that room!

    • Neely Steinberg

      Hi Anon,
      You know, I guess it never occured to me that someone would go to such incredible lengths to bring such a bizarre lawsuit that didn’t have a modicum of merit. But I suppose I am underestimating humanity, because it probably happens a lot more than we think. I guess we’ll see what happens with the suit. Thanks for your comments and knowledge on the topic!

  3. Anonymous

    I was once a roommate of Lindsay and can attest that she is absolutely out of her mind. I feel certain she made all this up. I will say that the mental illness is real.

  4. Dan Stasiukiewicz

    I think she is whats wrong with our society these days. Always trying to blame something or someone else for their downfalls. What ever happened to taking responsibility for oneself and ones actions? My grandfather who is 93 years old flew 35 missions as a pilot in WW2 then got back and was a fireman and raised 6 kids. He did what he had to and put his shoes on in the morning. I am so fucking tired of doctors labeling shit that does not exist to treat conditions. I am tired of Pharm companies supporting them as well as our government and lobbyists. Forget about welfare while your at it. People need to man and women up and take responsibility for themselves, their actions, their family and their country. As far as this girl is concerned she should have found a dude to bang once in while and fight fire with fire. I am only joking, I feel for her and I respect that she seems to have some morals but blaming her lifes failures, depression anxieties on one event not even in her childhood fucking pathetic. You dont like it, CHANGE IT! March down to the RA’s room and demand to speak to someone who can handle this issue. Find the Dean whatever, thats it. Enough of this poor excuse for a human being. I am 33 years old and reside in Florida if anyone wants to vote for me.

    Dan Stasiukiewicz


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