Alan Wake’s American Nightmare may be hitting Xbox Live Arcade next week, and the PC version of the original game is finally coming in a few mere days but Remedy, the game’s development studio can’t seem to get away from questions about the game’s inevitable sequel.

“For Alan Wake, we planned a little bit more ahead,” said  Oskari Hakkinen, the head of franchise development on the series. “So with the story [writer Sam Lake] had already created the fiction from the get-go to be something larger than just one game.”

Hakkinen added that the game’s story is very near and dear to his heart, before adding that he’s open to new possibilities and ways to tell the story. “It’s a lot more thought out than Max Payne ever was, but at the same time we’ve got nothing to announce. If we were to do a sequel to Alan Wake, it certainly is a much quicker and easier development cycle than the original Alan Wake,” Hakkinen said, “because the engine is created for the game. The overall fiction and the universe is already created.”


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