MIAMI — South Beach is one of a kind. But not in the way most Floridians think. Being a fellow Florida girl, Miami is like a different planet, so when I get the chance to head down to the bright lights, my brain receives this giant message like as if I was traveling across the country. Big Willie said it best in his 1997 single, “Miami”: Party in the city where the heat is on/ All night on the beach till the break of dawn/Welcome to Miami. Although there are many things to do in Miami, the culturally diverse city is not only the perfect place to practice relaxation on the beach and indulge in some killer cuisine, but is quickly launching itself in the world of art and entertainment. And ABSOLUT Vodka is joining in.

The widely popular brand recently introduced the latest limited-edition flavor in the finest way, ABSOLUT MIAMI. The refreshing flavor features fruity selections of passion fruit and orange blossom, while the bottle offers up the playful image of palm trees, flamingos and, of course, martini glasses to reflect the ultimate party city.

The festivities kicked off with an “Art of the Party” panel this past Tuesday, the 17th, at LIV nightclub at the Fountainebleau Hotel on South Beach. The event featured renowned Miami-centric documentarians and producing/directing team, Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben (“Cocaine Cowboys” and ESPN 30 for 30’s “The U”) as moderators along with a team of Miami socialites including Biz Martinez, Conrad Gomez, Freddy Diaz, Ingrid Casares and Seth Browarnik. The night was full of fabulous cocktails and conversation while they discussed their experiences in the Miami nightclub world and how the history of nightlife has evolved over the past 30 years; from music and trends to promoting and photography.

After a long talk about what makes for an exceptional party, it was time to really get down in South Beach. ABSOLUT kicked off the sizzling new edition with an official launch party featuring the ultimate Miami package: lights, music and, of course, drinks all around! The event set once again at the luxurious Fountainebleau on Collins Avenue, featured not only some majorly delicious signature cocktails, but was the perfect combination of hot fashion and electric energy.

After walking in, I was quickly greeted with mini treats and a dazzling bar calling my name with the anticipation of sampling some delicious décor. The South Beach Breeze, a mixture of ABSOLUT MIAMI topped with fresh orange juice and pineapple, was just the refreshing taste I was looking for. While photogs snapped guests in action dancing along to the latest hits, no social event would ever be complete without the daring effort of Miami high fashion where everyone is indeed their very own designer. While the guys were decked out in checkered button-downs and colorful cardigans, no girl looked the same with pieces of neon shades with trickles of lace and sparkle scattered throughout the diverse crowd. Being surrounded by stilettos and combat boots, the area was flooded with when special guest singer/songwriter Santigold took the stage. Her high energy and bass thumping tunes immediately got the crowd going while guests sang along with the indie singer, even showing her love by inviting guests on stage.

Miami is a vast region filled with culture just poring out from every corner, and the world is finally starting to take notice. The night was a complete snapshot of the and completely captured every part of what it truly means to celebrate any occasion from dusk till dawn.

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Caroline Walker is a Blast Miami correspondent and a recent graduate from Florida State University. Her passion runs deep for all aspects of pop culture including her favorite celebrities and all the latest trends.

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